PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Has A Monster Ball In Hollywood

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 12, 2010 11:52 am

“I’ve been in the studio for 72 straight hours,” Lady Gaga told the roaring crowd (which included fellow pop legend Britney Spears) at the STAPLES Center last night, the first of two Los Angeles dates on her Monster Ball tour. “So if I seem a little crazy… I am a little crazy.” And so was her ballistic, off-the-walls show, featuring various pianos (one built inside a car, one set on fire), fairy costumes moving all by themselves, fake blood galore, and a giant Anglerfish (that monstrous fish with a lightbulb on its head), to whom she sang “Paparazzi”. The night closed with a rare sight: Gaga choking up after a surprise presentation in which she was handed a plaque celebrating the 13 million albums she’s sold worldwide. Check out our pics from Gaga’s emotional night in L.A., little monsters!