Is Lady Gaga Working With David Bowie On Her Third Album?

Becky Bain | August 12, 2010 2:03 pm

A sly spy over on a Gaga Daily thread (reposted on Oh No They Didn’t) recently uploaded a scan of an official-looking document detailing a recording session Lady Gaga had while in Sydney, Australia in July. The list of songs laid down in the studio includes an awesomely-titled track called “Hooker On A Church Corner” as well as a David Bowie collaboration. If this is for real, we could definitely see why Gaga would call her third album “my best work to date.” Alleged song list and round-up of producers working with the pop star below:

On the document (view it here), David Bowie is listed as co-producer, guitar and vocals on a track titled “Vinyl”. Co-producer on that track, as well as one called “Born This Way” and “Hooker On A Church Corner” (sidenote: best song name of all time? Yes) is Fernando Garibay (“Dance In The Dark”). Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins (“Telephone”) is listed as producer for a track called “Someone Save Me Tonight”.

Here’s the excerpt posted along with the scan from an anonymous source:

I know someone who works at Interscope Records in Santa Monica and she got hold of this. She tells me its true so I wanted to share it with gaga fans on this forum. She tells me that Interscope send confirmation of recorded music to artists who are creating new records and then the artist’s manager has to scan it and type the names of songs/known writers and producers. I can’t believe she got hold of this! She tells me she has only heard “Far From Me”, “You & I” and “Hooker” and the demos, and that Far From Me is a really epic song about a break up and sounds like Poker Face on steroids, You & I is a great ballad about love and Hooker is a really sexy dance track and also really addictive and dark. The two demos were recorded in Australia and Ink is about tattoos or something and I don’t know about the other.

Unfortunately, none of this is confirmed, and all of the information on the document could be a well-executed fake. At least we’re fairly certain the inclusion of her new song “You And I” on her next album is accurate, as she’s been singing that track during stops on her Monster Ball tour. Plus, we do have proof that she and Garibay have been keeping close ties to one another again, as the singer posted a twitpic of the of them together in Australia a few months ago.

But let’s get our hopes up right now for that inevitably awesome David Bowie/Lady Gaga collab. Monster claws crossed!