Listen To Fantasia Recount How “The Thrill Is Gone”

Idolator Staff | August 14, 2010 4:01 pm

After the disturbing and tragic news of Fantasia’s overdose and hospitalization this week, it feels bittersweet to be reminded once again of her enormous talent and remaining(?) potential. Whether for damage control or out of coincidence, Fantasia’s glorious “The Thrill Is Gone” just emerged. Her rafter-reaching pipes, Cee-Lo’s soulful rasp and a smooth old-school beat sort of help numb the pain, albeit for three-and-a-half minutes. Listen below:

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Fantasia f/ Cee-Lo Green – The Thrill Is Gone” dl=”0″] An unraveling Fantasia wails about a doomed relationship (irony-meets-marketing) with the same fervor and compassion that resonated with anyone with a heartbeat back during American Idol‘s third season (Fantasia’s rousing “Summertime”, anyone?). But the track itself adds enormous power to her performance: that throwback soul production, with its girl-group back-up vocals, makes “Thrill” even tougher than “Bittersweet”. With Fantasia’s signature vocal acrobatics and sassy, throaty pipes juxtaposed with Cee-Lo ‘s short-but-sweet rap, we’d like to think that things could be looking up for our fallen Idol. Gossip and professional mishaps aside, this track proves that the thrill that is Fantasia’s raw, electrifying talent hasn’t gone anywhere.