Kris Allen Finds “The Truth” In The Desert (With Pat Monahan) In His New Video

Robbie Daw | August 17, 2010 8:59 am

You never thought it would happen, did you, Kris Allen fans? The video for “The Truth,” the American Idol Season 8 winner’s second single off his self-titled debut album, is finally here. It’s funny to see Train’s Pat Monahan in the sandy clip, since, as we noted before, he and Kris have such similar voices (at least on this song). Plus, the whole scene has us remembering a certain Fleetwood Mac video from the ’80s. Head below!

First off, here’s the video for “The Truth,” a song that Monahan co-wrote with Toby Gad. (The Train singer does not appear on the album version, so adding him into the mix goes a long way toward explain the long gap between extremely photogenic Allen’s “Live Like We’re Dying” and this.)

Nice visuals. And let’s face it—that’s what the video for a song like this requires, since the composition is a complete snooze. (Sorry, Pat—but you’ve done way better.)

That said, the look and feel of the vid for “The Truth” has us flashing back to the one for Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 hit “Hold Me.”

Now that, Kris Allen, is how you rock the desert with a proper jam.