Ke$ha’s Klassy New Klothing Line

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 17, 2010 3:10 pm

Finally, a clothing line for people who brush their teeth with Jack Daniels! The Brand Ambassador to Casio watches will soon have her own brand of clothing! The Animal-istic wardrobe will use actual dead animals, but for those of you who are friends of the wild (and of PETA), don’t worry—the critters were long gone when Ke$ha found them because they’re made from road kill! The Glittery One explains, “I think it’s important not to kill animals. I also think it’s an honor to the animal if it’s already dead and sitting on the side of a highway. I might as well wear it on MTV.” Worried you can’t pull of Road Kill chic? Well, Ke$ha’s line will also include capes—perfect to wear to a party at a rich dude’s house.

Click below to hear Ke$ha blah blah blah all about her new duds (and try not to get distracted with the fact that she looks almost identical to a young Debbie Gibson in this vid).

Ke$ha explains her excitement over capes, “I’m trying really hard to bring back capes. They’ve been out since the 1800s, it’s about time they came back.” Hey K, you know what else was big in the 1800s—scarlet fever, slavery. Need we go on?

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[via MTV]