Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The Cascada In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | August 20, 2010 5:30 pm

This week Nicki Minaj padded her resume with more tongue-twisting guest verses, Cascada continued to remind us of Lady Gaga, Sky Ferreira unveiled her new single and Lee DeWyze announced his debut album will drop in the Idol-friendly month of November. Head below to see how our readers reacted to all this pop commotion!

:: Trey wasn’t in a the jet-setting mood for Jay Sean And Nicki Minaj Party Across The Globe In “2012 (It Ain’t The End)”: “I think CM head Birdman wanted to piggyback on Minaj’s success so far with radio hits and digital sustainers ‘Dutty Love’ and ‘Bottoms Up’ by having her on this, because originally she was just to be on the remix. Turns out its not working so well….”

John Legend The Roots Melanie Fiona
:: GrabAnApple was looking for a little Philadelphia freedom from John Legend And The Roots Preach Positivity In Their “Wake Up Everybody” Video: “I’m actually somewhat offended they didn’t film this in Philly, seeing as both the Roots ad JL have spent formative years in the city…”

:: Travis was smitten on Sophie Ellis-Bextor Pretties Up Armin Van Buuren’s “Not Giving Up On Love” Video: “Not bad! Hope Sophie gets some more exposure in the US.”

:: Andrea thought we needed some meds on Cascada’s New Song “Night Nurse” Is A Real Monster: “…it looks like you tried to jump on the ‘Cascada rips off of Lady Gaga again’ train before anyone other news sites but failed miserably… What a load of crap. Get real you stupid typical journalist. This is total BS. Night Nurse is an amazing song and you are just nervous knowing that it will probably do well when it’s officially released.”

:: Ryan, however, was more than ready to evacuate the dance floor: “Oh NO, its back :( Started off by doing cheap covers & in so doing destroyed classic songs. Now it seems the untalented & unoriginal German drag act has got a copy of GaGa’s album is copying it? Cascada (Horler) is GaGa wannabe who will never be. The only ones who can’t see it are the musically challenged who therefore adore dross like Chavcada.”

:: dillyoflies called the soul patrol on us for Lee DeWyze To Drop Debut Album This November: “Taylor Hicks debuted at #2 on Billboard with his debut album. I would bet Lee would be thrilled with that, but I doubt it happens. We seem to have selective memory when it comes to Taylor.”

:: Cathy had no dilemma with Kelly Rowland Is Infinitely Awesome In New Dance Jam “Forever And A Day”: “WOW! . . . WOW! l LOVE IT! I am like speechless. She is awesome. Kelly all day, every day! My favorite Destiny’s Child!”

:: Qwerty keyed in a few thoughts on Sky Ferreira Reveals Her Desires On Debut U.S. Single “Obsession”: “One and Obsession are like two totally different genres. I think if she wants to do well in the US, Obsession is the way to go. Outside of Gaga, electro does not play well in America, so Obsession is sanitized enough. But I can’t believe that the Sky I listened to months and months ago is now finally in the spotlight! Way to go!”

:: COMMENT OF THE WEEK: Finally, Max kissed and told on Watch Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” Video And Let Nostalgia Take You Over: “I did her in High School.”