Chris Brown On His Teary Michael Jackson Tribute: “It Wasn’t Fake”

Becky Bain | August 25, 2010 4:33 pm

Chris Brown appeared on BET’s 106 and Park to promote his new film Takers, and he was somehow able to be heard over the shrill cry of young girls having a conniption fit right behind him throughout the duration of the interview. Breezy spoke of the likelihood of touring with Usher, showed off some dance moves, and commented on his controversial teary-eyed Michael Jackson performance at the BET Awards. Check out the full interview below.

Part I

Part II

Despite teasing Tweets between he and Usher, it looks like that tour between the two R&B stars isn’t happening after all. “At first we was talking about it, but I think maybe something in the future,” Brown says. “But right now, I’ma do the whole Chris Breezy thing.”

Chris also did a few dance moves for his screaming audience, and explained his favorite tattoo: “My favorite tattoo would have to be my most recent one. F.A.M.E.—Forgiving All My Enemies… regardless of whatever, life goes on, you forgive everybody.”

And as for his televised sobfest BET performance, which had many doubting the authenticity of his emotional breakdown, Brown says, “When I heard ‘Man In The Mirror’, the words started speaking to me and my personal life. It just touched me. And it wasn’t fake… everything was genuine. I think that was my ultimate apology, hands down.”

Was Brown crying on TV good enough an apology for you?

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