Watch Taylor Swift Fall In Love (What Else?) In Her “Mine” Music Video

Robbie Daw | August 27, 2010 6:59 pm

Professional awards collector and songstress Taylor Swift has a winning formula—love, love, love—and she isn’t taking any chances with her new single “Mine.” The music video for the pop-country blonde’s latest hit is finally upon us, and lo and behold, it’s kind of a fairytale. Watch Taylor spin through the forest of memories of her latest relationship after the jump.

The “Mine” clip, which premiered simultaneously on various channels (CMT, MTV, VH1) tonight after leaking online earlier this week, finds Taylor exploring a far more mature perspective on relationships than anything she’s attempted before. Here’s the real-deal video in all its splendor:

It feels as though the 20-year-old songwriter hasn’t lost a step since her last outing — “Mine” has been selling steadily at iTunes since its release a few weeks back and, if anything, Kanye West’s upcoming appearance at the MTV VMAs will serve as a rallying reminder to Swift’s legion of fans that she’s come a long way since last year. Plus, let’s face it—those soaring Fleetwood Mac-esque vocals in the chorus toward the end are pure gold.

Anyway, back to the video! Director Roman white relayed the following to MTV:

” ‘Mine’ was a very hard song. The song has a lot of dark elements, but it also has a lot of happy elements. Taylor was extremely involved with this one from the beginning. We had lots of conversations about what it should be and moments and things like that.”

But fear not—despite these dark moments, Taylor and her beau (played here by Toby Hemingway) wind up happily ever after by the video’s end, with a gaggle of their children surrounding them. You know, just like a “fairy tale.”

Swift’s forthcoming third album Speak Now is out October 25th.