Nicki Minaj And “Check It Out” In New 80s-Sampling Track

Becky Bain | August 27, 2010 11:29 am

Nicki Minaj and teamed up for the poptacular track “Check It Out”—the song is featured on the Lime Light Exclusives mixtape and is assumed to be placed on Harujuku Barbie’s debut LP Pink Friday. The happy-go-lucky track samples The Buggles’ “Video Killed The Radio Star”, which is not only a timeless pop song, but holds the distinction of being the very first video to ever be played on MTV. Is and Nicki’s collab just as good? “Check It Out” below:

[Sorry folks, we had to remove the song for now. We’ll restore it as soon as we can.]

“Haters you can kill yourself,” spits out Nicki, Auto-Tuned to the nines. Such a peach!

We almost want to cry foul for taking an extremely beloved 80s song (okay, the song was released in 1979 but the video debuted in 1981) and appropriating it for a modern-day hip-hop song, just because that’s become so commonplace it’s an uncreative, predictable way to get attention for your song.

But… but… but… we can’t hate. We love this. It’s just too much fun—we can easily see this getting massive radio play like her other let’s-sample-another-popular-song-from-another-decade hit, “Your Love”. What say you?

And here’s the original if you’re unfamiliar: