Review Revue: Critics React To Taylor Swift’s “Mine” Music Video

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 30, 2010 4:45 pm

Taylor Swift debuted her all-growns-up music video “Mine” late last week, and the predictable-yet-heartwarming clip has drawn mixed reviews from critics all over the web. Jump below to find out who thinks Taylor’s teenage daydreaming is sweeter than Katy Perry’s, who doesn’t buy the singer having to worry about “bills to pay”, and who is just plain creeped out seeing 20-year old Swift as a wife and a mom to two toddlers. This one’s going to take some wrangling.

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Jezebel thinks the video fits the “Taylor Swift brand” perfectly, but wonders “for an artist who has earned so many fans based on her confessional lyrics and ability to seem relatable to her fanbase, there’s something kind of off about the whole thing—does anyone really buy 20-year-old millionaire Taylor Swift as someone having fights with her husband and worrying about having ‘bills to pay?'”

MTV thinks that Swift is setting herself up as the “anti-Perry… [creating] a rather interesting counter-proposal to KP’s teenage dreams… It’s not a particularly sexy dream, but it’s certainly an admirable on, especially in these times.”

EW thinks that Taylor’s boy-meets-girl-they-marry-and-procreate story is “actually rather sweet and, as usual, Taylor looks amazing and controlled and way beyond her 20 years in the video….Doesn’t this make you go ‘Awww’ sorta? There’s a bad valley, but then it ends in goodness. Heartwarming, right?

HitFix is a bit confused— “The song is told from a story of a woman looking back, but after a few viewings, we still can’t figure out who the little girl is watching the proceedings. Is it Swift as a child looking into her own future?”

Neon Limelight thinks that the “only truly interesting part of the video, besides seeing Swifty dolled up as a beautiful blushing bride, is seeing Taylor as a mom. Make that less interesting and more weird.”

As for us, we think Taylor is treading the same formulaic water as ever—but we don’t expect her to redefine the art of the music video or attempt to shock us by shedding her goody-two shoes persona by, say, growing wings and losing her clothes. Taylor makes easily palatable clips about love while showing off her curly, perfect blonde hair—that’s her thing. We’re fine with that.

What did you think of the clip? Love it, or want something different from the country-pop star? While you’re mulling it over, check out the behind-the-scenes of “Mine”: