Read Kanye West’s Greatest Twitter Confession Of All Time

Idolator Staff | September 4, 2010 4:38 pm

Shortly after posting his promised G.O.O.D. Friday track, Kanye West commenced with the posting of a remarkable string of tweets in which he apologized (again) to Taylor Swift for their infamous run-in at least year’s MTV Video Music Awards (calling himself “a 32-year-old child”) and mused openly about how his public image devolved into caricature. It has to be considered one of the most amazing public confessions by a pop star ever. Was it all from the heart? See highlights below.

Kanye began his stream of consciousness with a series of tweets taking shots at the press for portraying him as a monster in the wake of his stage-crashing interruption of Taylor’s acceptance speech at last year’s VMAs. (At one point, he appeared to suggest that the media was punishing him for speaking out on NBC’s Katrina telethon in 2005).

But his thoughts quickly took a turn toward (as Buzzworthy put it) “almost self-flagellating” commentary on his  And it certainly appeared uncalculated.

West noted that he even wrote a song for Taylor. Any chance we’ll hear it when they re-unite at this year’s VMAs?

And — in a thorough 2010 method of expressing genuine respect — Kanye undertook one more powerful move on Twitter. Remember when we told you he was only following one person (his new pal Justin Bieber)? Now he’s following two: he just added Taylor Swift.

Can’t wait to hear her response.