Ne-Yo Gets Rejected In His “One In A Million” Video

Becky Bain | September 7, 2010 12:11 pm

In the video for his new single “One In A Million“, smooth crooner Ne-Yo dances his little heart out to win the affections of a lady that just ain’t biting. (Who dare says no to Ne-Yo?!) The video, shot on a Hollywood back lot, comes off like a modern day MGM musical, except with R&B music and rudimentary sci-fi effects thrown in for good measure. Watch this beautiful monster’s new clip below!

Ne-Yo — “One In A Million”

Seriously, what is this woman’s problem? A talented, handsome, flexible musician serenades you with a halfway decent R&B song, and you keep turning him down? Sure, he’s coming on strong, but the man certainly knows how to bust a move while wearing a suit. Give him a chance!

Plus, did we mention he also apparently has super powers for some unexplained reason?

The video ends with a title card reading “To Be Continued.” So expect some closure on the next video of yet another Libra Scale track.