Celebrate Pink’s Birthday With Her Most Badass Moments From The Past Year

Becky Bain | September 8, 2010 12:15 pm

When most people consider entering your 30s as a time to grow up and act responsibly, Pink—who turns 31 today—spent the first year of her third decade making some of the riskiest decisions (and high-flying stunts) of her career. Celebrate our favorite humorous-and-hardcore pop star’s birthday by jumping below and taking a look back at her most badass moments from the past year. Pink FTW!

#5 – Pink double-ups her music videos for her fans.

Pink doesn’t just meet expectations—she exceeds them. Her original videos for “Please Don’t Leave Me” and “Funhouse” were already solid clips, but as a treat to her fans, she went and made additional vids for those (and a few other) Funhouse tracks. The romance between a larger-than-life Pink and her small-but-sweet suitor Carey Hart in the alternative “Please Don’t Leave Me” clip might be all sorts of adorable, but there’s nothing more badass than going above and beyond what everyone else is doing.

#4 – Pink joins Eminem for the Recovery track “Won’t Back Down”.

Em’s collaboration with Rihanna, his massive single “Love The Way You Lie”, may be the standout track on Recovery. But Pink’s gusty, commanding vocals on the hook of “Won’t Back Down” show she’s game enough to saddle up beside today’s biggest rapper on what is arguably his most powerful album.

#3 – Pink has a nasty fall—and takes it like a champ.

Pink had a seriously scary moment back in July when she wasn’t secured into her harness correctly and was flung off the stage into a barricade. To anyone else, that would be the end of her circus stunts, but not Pink—she not only survived her fall with only a few bruises, she got right back into her harness for her next show. As she tweeted herself, “I made that barricade my b*tch!!!!”

#2 – Pink performs “Sober” at the VMAs.

Kanye West’s interruption-heard-round-the-web overshadowed Pink’s trapeze act set to her single “Sober” at last year’s VMAs, but that doesn’t make her high-flying feats any less awe-inspiring. Plus, she’s singing live, upside down, swinging high above the stage! With this incredibly impressive performance, Pink is basically challenging any other artist to top her level of talent. (Watch it over at MTV.)

#1 – Pink performs “Glitter In The Air” at the Grammys.

Only one person could outdo Pink’s performance at the VMAs… and that was Pink herself. The singer flew back in the air for the Grammys for her song “Glitter In The Air”, spinning round and round on silks, but this time she a) had a much larger audience, b) was almost stripped naked beside a few strips of cloth, and c) elegantly dunked herself in water and continued to sing her ballad beautifully without skipping a beat. It was the epitome of a career-defining moment.

Happy birthday, Pink! We bet you’ll still be kickin’ ass for the next 30 years.

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