2010 MTV VMA Predictions: Who Will Win Best Female Video?

Becky Bain | September 8, 2010 10:13 am

We’re counting down to Sunday’s 2010 MTV VMAs with our picks for the top categories, and we’ve got to give it up for the ladies—four of the videos up for Best Female Video are also nominated for Best Pop Video of the Year. Let’s all give a round of applause to the XX chromosome for dominating the pop music scene, as well as its genre of video. Well done, ladies! Now, jump below for our thoughts on who will and who should walk away with the moon man for Best Female Video—and keep all comments to yourself until we’re finished, Kanye.

BEST FEMALE VIDEO NOMINEES: Lady Gaga — “Bad Romance” Ke$ha — “Tik Tok” Katy Perry featuring Snoop Dogg — “California Gurls” Beyoncé featuring Lady Gaga — “Video Phone (Extended Remix)” Taylor Swift — “Fifteen

THOUGHTS ON THE NOMINEES: We have a feeling “Video Phone” racked up so many nominations just so Beyoncé could somehow be involved. (We just wish they would have honored Bey’s infinitely more enjoyable clip for “Why Don’t You Love Me” instead of her far more mediocre phone-related  collaboration with Gaga.) And Ke$ha should just be happy to be invited to the show. We’d say it was a three-horse race between Gaga, Perry and Taylor, except we know the MTV VMAs are about having moments, not actually awarding who had the best video. So, in that case…

WHO WILL WIN: Taylor Swift is a shoe-in. This is the only major category she’s up for, and MTV loves spreading the wealth. (Katy Perry will get her due for Best Pop Video—at least, that’s what we’re betting on.) And even if Lady Gaga made one of the best videos of ALL TIME!, Taylor is still getting this award for the second year in a row. Call it MTV’s “We’re Sorry Our Security Wasn’t Tight Enough To Stop Kanye From Ruining Your Moment” apology gift to Ms. Swift. Plus, the opportunity to cut away to Kanye’s face as Taylor takes the stage is far too TV-worthy a moment to pass up.

WHO SHOULD WIN: The “California Gurls” video was all sorts of fun, and was certainly parodied to death in pop-culture. But “Bad Romance” squashes all of these videos in regards to originality and cultural significance.

What do you folks think? Will Taylor be able to make her Best Female Video acceptance speech uninterrupted this time around? Vote!

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