Chris Brown Sings About Making A Sex Tape In Twista’s “Make A Movie” Vid

Becky Bain | September 8, 2010 3:07 pm

For a song exclusively about filming a sex tape, the video for Twista and Chris Brown’s “Make A Movie” is fairly tame—there’s a romp on a pool table and a few sexy shots of luscious late-night ladies cavorting around a mansion, but mostly the clip features the Chicago rapper sitting in his main foyer while Breezy does some Michael Jackson moves in the hallway. Watch the DSFW (Disappointingly Safe For Work) video below!

Twista feat. Chris Brown — “Make A Movie”

The vid was directed by Colin Tilley, and unlike most sex tapes, was not filmed in night vision. At least it’s more exciting than Paris Hilton’s sex tape. (Remember that old chestnut? Ah, the good old days of 2004.)

“It’s the X-rated version of a box office hit / I see you ready to strip for this / So let me get the music then, get the tape in, get the camera then,” raps Twista, before Chris chimes in on the chorus: “We don’t need a script for this… let me pull my camera out and let me make a movie star in you and me.” We’ll tell you one thing, the lyrics get a whole lot nastier than this clip does.

Would you guys rather see an actual sex tape starring Chris Brown? Or does this PG-rated video light your candle already?