David Archuleta Reveals ‘The Other Side Of Down’ Track Listing—And A New Song!

Becky Bain | September 9, 2010 10:48 am

It must seem like an eternity until David Archuleta’s The Other Side Of Down is released October 5—we know how you Arch Angels love LOVE your Archie—but you can imagine just how glorious the Idol alum’s new batch of tunes will sound like by taking a gander at the song titles. Jump below for the track listing of David’s latest LP, and as a special bonus, watch a live performance of his inspirational new song, “Things Are Gonna Get Better”, which he debuted on the Jerry Lewis Telethon earlier this week.

The Other Side Of Down

1. The Other Side Of Down 2. Something ‘Bout Love 3. Elevator 4. Stomping The Roses 5. Who I Am 6. Falling Stars 7. Parachutes And Airplanes 8. Look Around 9. Good Place 10. Complain 11. Things Are Gonna Get Better 12. My Kind Of Perfect

Check out David’s touching performance on the Jerry Lewis Telethon:

David Archuleta — “Things Are Gonna Get Better” (Live)

After he finishes his song, Nigel Lythgoe asks David what the meanest thing Simon had ever said to him during his tenure on Idol. “There was one time during Top 12 week, when I forgot the lyrics, he said, ‘To be fair, that was a mess.'” If that’s the meanest criticism you received from Simon Cowell, David, consider yourself lucky!