2010 MTV VMA Predictions: Who Will Win Video Of The Year?

Becky Bain | September 10, 2010 1:14 pm

We’re mere days away from the 2010 MTV VMAs, and we’re quivering—quivering!—with anticipation for the big show. Will Kanye West and Taylor Swift hug it out? Will Lady Gaga be wearing a burka made of glass or a string bikini made of chicken bones? (Probably both.) Will Justin Bieber fulfill the height requirement for admittance? But we’re most excited to find out which act will walk away (or delicately tip toe in hoof platforms) with Video Of The Year. We shared our initial reactions of these six eclectic videos when the VMA nominations were first announced, but let’s dive into a more in-depth analysis of which artist is more than likely to nab the Moonman for the year’s top vid.

VIDEO OF THE YEAR NOMINEES: Lady Gaga, “Bad Romance” Florence + The Machine, “Dog Days Are Over” 30 Seconds To Mars, “Kings and Queens” Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé, “Telephone” Eminem, “Not Afraid” B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams, “Airplanes

THOUGHTS ON THE NOMINEES: Everyone loves you, Bobby Ray, so much so that they felt the need to nominate your totally boring video co-starring a woman you’ve never met in real life. But they don’t love you enough to hand over the award for minimal effort in front of a few multi-colored backgrounds. And 30 Seconds to Mars and Florence + The Machine should just be happy their expertly crafted, beautiful videos were nominated despite the fact they aren’t hugely popular Top 40 artists. If you take a look back, the VMAs never seems to nominate niche acts for the top prize, save maybe Justice for their T-shirt dance party clip for “D.A.N.C.E.” in 2007.

Eminem has won two Moonmen for Video Of The Year in the past—”The Real Slim Shady” in 2000 and “Without Me” in 2002—and he was nominated last year for the eye-rolling jokey clip, “We Made You.” This time we feel Em’s nom in more than deserved, but we think he’ll be walking away with Best Male Video, as their are bigger fish in stranger outfits in this pond this year.

WHO WILL WIN: “Bad Romance” was undoubtedly the biggest music video of the year, and not even the overwhelming controversy and discussion of Gaga’s “Telephone” could trump it. Which is why…

WHO SHOULD WIN: Gaga’s “Bad Romance” totally deserves this one. Not only should it win because it’s the most unique clip in the bunch, but because its debut last November dropped an atomic bomb on the Internet and pounded its monster claw into pop culture like no other vid here—not even “Telephone” got its own creepy Sims makeover.

Picture 7
As we said in our initial post on the top contenders, Gaga’s Russian space odyssey holds many distinctions: “It’s the most-watched video on YouTube… at least until Justin Bieber’s fans decided to cut class and refresh his “Baby” video about a zillion times. Arguably elevated Gaga to legend status and made music videos an “event” again. Inspired a Glee episode (and, more than likely, Christina Aguilera). Made ‘crazy eyes’ a big enough problem for news outlets to pick up and scare parents. This video was guaranteed to be a nominee in this category the moment it premiered.”

And after everybody watched it (and rewatched it… and rewatched it again) it was destined to win. Do you agree?

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Watch the VMAs with Idolator this Sunday, September 12 at 9 p.m. EST—we’ll be live blogging all night long! But first, take a look back at the clips that won (or totally were shafted from winning) Video Of The Year from the 80s and 90s.