Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The SuBo In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | September 10, 2010 5:30 pm

Leave it to Susan Boyle to dust up a little controversy just as the week seemed to winding down. Her rendition of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” made headlines today, while the past seven days also offered up new music from Josh Groban and David Archuleta, an act of goodwill from Lady Gaga, some praise for Whitney Houston and a romantic new video from Bruno Mars. See how our readers reacted to all these pop exploits below!

:: GagaFan thought the fashionable “Bad Romance” singer was putting on her best poker face on Lady Gaga, Peacemaker, Breaks Up A Fight At her Concert: “I thought that the ‘stop fighting’ thing was staged. I was there and didn’t see any fighting or anyone hauled out, I think it was just part of her show.”

:: Violet crushed on David Archuleta Reveals The Other Side Of Down Track Listing—And A New Song: “I adore David. He did great on the telethon! And he was there the day before for setup and worked the phones during the telethon. I think Things Are Gonna Get Better is more of a midtempo but I have my fingers crossed for couple of killer ballads.”

Josh Groban
:: LMG did anything but hide their feelings On Josh Groban Offers Up Rick Rubin-Produced Single “Hidden Away” For Free: “This, poeple, is what talent sounds like. Lets sit all these wanna-be singers in a room and play this for them. Maybe then they would get a clue and stop torturing us with half-ass, tuned-up, warbeling.”

:: Nikkifire checked into the Heartbreak Hotel on Whitney Houston Crowned The Greatest Diva Of All Time: “I love Whitney, but her fans over at Classic Whitney make it very hard to have a community where mature thoughts and critiques of her current state are had.”

:: The Singer Commentor commented on Bruno Mars Puts His Feelings In A Mixtape In His “Just The Way You Are” Video: “I like the sweet idea of mix tape huh.. It sounds so romantic… But, I don’t really like Bruno Mars, he’s such an ugly sucks!!”

:: Logan felt the princess of country-pop fumbled on Taylor Swift Tackles Two Of Her Hits At The NFL Opening Kickoff Concert: “Oh, well…..another disastrous live performance. Plenty of people minded.”

:: Paul Jr. raised up his rabbit heart on Florence + The Machine On The VMAs And Loving Nicki Minaj And Green Day: “I adore Florence + The Machine! Hands down my favorite new artist this past year, so much intensity and talent in that voice! Can’t wait for more music from them :)”

:: Wild horses couldn’t keep CJ from commenting on Susan Boyle’s Cover Of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day”: Listen To It Now: “That’s an awful rendition, Lou Reed was right to stop SUBO from singing his masterpiece. Some modern classics should be left alone.”

:: Carol, on the other hand, took a walk on the wild side: “Stunning! No wonder this man did not want Susan to perform this song. It puts any performance of his to shame. Such emotion and intensity and that glorious voice.”