Lady Gaga Gets Response Tweet From Senate Leader Harry Reid On DADT

Robbie Daw | September 15, 2010 7:47 am

After bringing four members of Servicemembers Legal Defense Network (which is working to do away with the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy) with her on the MTV white carpet during the VMAs Sunday and urging viewers on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to call Senate leader Harry Reid on the issue, Lady Gaga received a response from the Nevada senator via Twitter. Way to go, Mama Monster.

Reid tweeted the following yesterday:

“@ladygaga There is a vote on #DADT next week. Anyone qualified to serve this country should be allowed to do so // #nvsen.”

And in response, Gaga tweeted this:

“God Bless and Thank you @HarryReid, from all of us, like u, who believe in equality and the dream of this country. We were #BORNTHISWAY.”

Way to work in a hashtag for her new album title.

Furthermore, MTV News reports that Megan Jones, one of Harry Reid’s staff members, added the following to the blog on the senator’s website:

“Senator Reid has reiterated his commitment to repealing the military’s ban on gays serving in our armed forces. This afternoon, he informed Republicans that he intends to bring the Defense Authorization Bill—including the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy—to the Senate Floor next week. This would overturn the decade-old policy that bars openly gay, lesbian or bisexual Americans from serving in our armed forces, and is an important step towards equal treatment of all Americans. Senator Reid believes that Americans should not be denied the opportunity to serve their country just because of their sexual orientation.”

Now if only we could send Lady Gaga to the next G8 summit. Here’s the clip of her with members of at the VMAs:

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