Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being” Vid Makes Us Want To Send Him Back To Space

Becky Bain | September 15, 2010 3:06 pm

We’re not sure when Weezy filmed the video for “I Am Not A Human Being”, the title track from his upcoming EP (dropping September 27, his 28th birthday). Was this one of the nine videos he shot the weekend before his year-long stint at Rikers? Or is this just thrown together using leftover footage from previous shoots? The clip is such an annoying mish-mosh of hastily edited images, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Check out the black-lit visual assault below.

Lil Wayne — “I Am Not A Human Being”

It’s like the opening credits sequence of Seven mixed in with the scariest basement rave you’ve never been to.

The quality of many of Wayne’s videos released while he’s been serving his jail sentence has been less than adequate—they’ve almost all been low budget clips of Weezy acting goofy in front of a green screen. (Besides the one time he partied on a roof.) We’ll give him a pass since we know he shot most of them in one weekend due to, uh, time constraints. But honestly, this is borderline unwatchable.

Are you as offended as we are by this abhorrent video? Or are we reacting too seriously for our own good?