7 Classy Quotes From Kid Cudi’s ‘Complex’ Interview

Becky Bain | September 17, 2010 11:20 am

In his no-holds-bar interview with Complex magazine, Kid Cudi makes some surprising revelations: most significantly, he has a daughter no one knows about! (“Her name is Vada, and she’s fucking awesome.”) The new dad (Vada was born last March) reveals how intense his drug use was (“I was definitely high-fiving death a couple of times”), his bond with Kanye, and shares some choice words for both Perez Hilton and Lady Gaga. Jump below to read some of the classiest (and we use the term incredibly loosely) quotes to come out of Cudder’s mouth in a long time:


** “I’m incomparable to anybody. I don’t care how people take that. No one can compete with me. I’m unfuckwittable; no one can knock me off my shit. I’m an unstoppable force, I’m a bullet. My trajectory is to the sky. Niggas got to do something really spectacular to fuck with me and my realm, and niggas be so bitter that you hear it in their voice.”

** On not dissing other rappers in his songs: “You hear me talk about niggas? I don’t even talk about Kanye, and that’s my homeboy! They talk about Kanye like they’re bosom buddies with this nigga. Talking about ‘I be in Hawaii’—man, shut the fuck up, why you got to tell everybody everything? Then people like Wale get mad that ‘Ye ain’t give him no beats—’Ye ain’t give you no beats because we ain’t fucking with your raps.”

** On the goals he has for his music: “I want my shit to be like you’re reading a novel, not a Dr. Seuss book.”

** On his drug use: “I started doing cocaine to get through interviews, ’cause people wanted to know a lot about my personal life and I wasn’t prepared for a 60 Minutes interview every time. Doing bumps I was able to get through the day, but then I would smoke weed to calm me down… I was definitely high-fiving death a couple of times.”

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** On Perez Hilton: “He might be a good person and have a good heart, but he does a lot of fuckhead shit. Who are you to talk about people? That’s not cool. That’s why the world is so fucked up, because of hate. And he’s gay? I just don’t get that. The gay people I know are about peace and love and coming together. That shit doesn’t register with me. He’s a chump and a coward, and it’s fucked up because I met dude so many times and he had nothing but love to show me.”

** On getting kicked off Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour after punching a fan in the crowd: “She’s going to kick me off the tour because she didn’t want that negative type of energy at her shows? Word? I never did nothing to that girl. Every time I saw her I gave her mad respect, showed her mad love. It didn’t matter, I still got paid. She spent all her money on her shows, so I probably made more off her tour than she did. That’s the ‘ha ha ha, isn’t it ironic?’ moment.”

** On the importance of family: “That’s why I always told myself I’m going to make these songs for my kids, so they can follow along and know my story, if something was ever to happen to me. No matter what motherfuckers are saying or haters are putting in their ear. She can put on my records and be like, ‘Fuck all that other shit, my dad was like this.’ But I might make sure she doesn’t listen to this album until she’s 40.”

We can’t stop at just seven swanky lines this time around. Here’s one more bonus quote!

** On clearing up the “liquid cocaine” controversy: “Just for the record, it bugged me out that people said it was liquid cocaine. No, I’m just fucking rich, and my blow comes in a jar. There was no liquid in it—that shit makes no sense.”

Glad he cleared that one up! Read his entire interview over at Complex as we reappropriate all the jars in our cupboards to hold copious amount of illegal substances instead of jams and honeys. Thanks for the tip, Cudi!

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