Kelly Rowland Shines Like An Apple In Her “Forever And A Day” Video

Idolator Staff | September 18, 2010 11:46 am

Need further proof that Kelly Rowland is an independent woman these days? Apparently, there’s an app for that, too. In the just-released video for Kelly’s second U.K. single“Forever And A Day”, the viewer is made to feel as though they’re watching Kelly on an iPad as she spends a glorious and Beyonce-free summer’s day in LA. Click (or touch your screen!) and watch below:

The pop diva continues her ascent to grown woman in this sun-soaked video, making good use of palm trees, a convertible, and the Los Angeles skyline. That’s about it as far as story goes – Kelly’s attention-grabbing style and powerhouse emoting from the “Rose Colored Glasses” vid are absent here, replaced by a breezy approach so casual it almost does look like a camera crew just happened to stumble upon a typical day out with the girls.

Kelly Rowland – “Forever And A Day”

There is one unique concept at work in the Sarah Chatfield-directed clip, though — the cute iPad touches. While this theme may have been more appropriate for Kelly’s futuristic “Commander” (a David Guetta collaboration, like this one – more please!), it’s hard to imagine better uses for a touch screen than getting as close as possible to the carefree fun on display here. This latest vid certainly succeeds at advancing Kelly’s rose-hued worldview, at least.

Is “Forever And A Day” a step back in terms of style and substance for Ms. Rowland? Or does this just show a more relaxed and relatable side to the rising dance chart diva?