OK Go’s Awesome Music Videos Get The Parody Treatment

Becky Bain | September 21, 2010 11:42 am

We’re betting you might have trouble naming an OK Go song, but you’ve  got not problem identifying their mind-bending, quirky and incredibly creative music videos. Ooh, dancing on tredmills! Ahh, a Rube Goldberg machine! Wow, puppies! Babelgum Comedy skewers the innovative quartet and their viral music videos by creating their own OK Go-esque clip that has the band members rolling around a giant pie. Groundbreaking! Check out “Giant Pie” below and prepare to be amaaaaazzzeed!

“It was 36 months from top to bottom to do the whole thing,” says the fake band. “We just wanted to break the wall down of what you could do with food and what you could do with music.”

“A lot of bands have instruments… not a lot of bands have great videos.”

Very funny, and also very true. We get the argument that the band gets more attention for their music videos than their music, but there are so few acts making great music videos nowadays, we’d never tell OK Go to stop being so imaginative when making theirs. Just as long as they never allow PlentyOfFish.com to market their dating website in any of their clips, keep one-upping yourself, fellas!