Carrie Underwood And Mike Fisher Join The Long List Of Pop Couples In Music Videos

Becky Bain | September 24, 2010 12:35 pm

The video for Carrie Underwood’s tune “Mama’s Song” (the lyrical opposite of “Before He Cheats”, which, coincidentally, is now contractually obligated to be played at every single wedding from now until the end of time) features the chiseled jaw of Carrie’s husband Mike Fisher. (It also has the singer’s mother looking teary-eyed over a scrapbook of real photos of her and her daughter together over the years.)

Fortunately for us, Mike’s cameo is super sweet, which is more than we can say for some other pop stars who have asked their significant others to appear in their music videos. A round-up below:

First, let’s take a look at Carrie’s new clip, which may as well double as her wedding video:

Carrie Underwood – “Mama’s Song”

Altogether now: AWWWWWW. Now let’s take a peek at a handful of the couples who have appeared in music videos, ranging from “that’s so sweet” to “get a room, already, jeez”:

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon – “Up Out My Face” Nick’s cameo at the end of the clip is more fun than anything, and we don’t have to suffer through any canoodling or kissy faces between these two. Thanks for sparing us, Mimi and Nick! We love you all the more for keeping it all behind closed doors.

Beyonce and Jay-Z – “Crazy In Love” Jay-Z and Beyonce were still denying they were together (or at least not commenting on the status of their relationship to the press) while this music video was shot, but we do get Bey grinding up on Jay during his verse mid-way through. It’s definitely more sizzling than annoying couple behavior though, so we give a thumbs up to their PDA. (Their road trippin’ in Jay’s “Bonnie And Clyde 03” also makes us believe they’re completely tolerable to be around in real life.)

Pink and Carey Hart – “So What” It’s all a happy ending for Pink and Carey, who were separated when she wrote this song for her Funhouse album, and even when the video was filmed—somehow, Pink convinced her then-ex to appear so the break-up song didn’t come off as though she were talking behind his back. Their reconciliation only makes this video sweeter, since it shows how much they both care about one another, even when broken up. (Plus, it led to an even more adorable video featuring Carey as Pink’s love interest.)

Travis McCoy and Katy Perry – “Cupid’s Chokehold” Katy appeared in this video for then-boyfriend Travis’ band Gym Class Heroes, playing the girl who finally kept her arrow in Travis’ heart. (The song is also allegedly written about her.) Looks like McCoy has moved on from both Perry and his bandmates since. But this clip is way too corny as Katy and Travie make googley-eyes at one another; plus the make-out at the end just tells us we’d feel like a major third wheel if we ever went out with them while they were a couple. (Embedding disabled, check it over at YouTube.)

Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey – “Where You Are” We don’t want to be where they are, at least when they were still newlyweds. We bet in between takes, Jess and Nick were calling one another “schmoopy” and other irritating pet names that made everybody else on set want to hurl.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck – “Jenny From The Block” We don’t want them to get a room. We want them to get an entire hotel and live in it, far, far away from us.

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley – “You Are Not Alone” As much we we love Michael Jackson, even we wouldn’t have agreed to take off all our clothes and bend and kneel awkwardly throughout his cloying music video. We’ve never seen a video so focused on convincing us of one’s romantic status with their real life spouse—it’s just too bad MJ had more chemistry with Bubbles than he did with Lisa Marie.

What past or present couples did we miss, folks? How does Carrie’s lovey-dovey screen time with real-life hubby Mike Fisher stack up against the rest? And which couples should pair-up for some hot music video PDA? Let us know in the comments.