We Want To Unfriend M.I.A.’s Video For “The Message”

Becky Bain | September 27, 2010 11:05 am

M.I.A. released her video for the MAYA track, “The Message”, and along with her clips for “Illygirl” and “Story To Be Told“, it appears the Internet-themed, nausea-inducing trilogy is complete. The clip was hosted on site with the domain name facebookgooglemyspaceyoutube.com. Get the message? Take two Dramamine and watch Maya’s latest below.

M.I.A. — “The Message”


M.I.A.’s last few clips haven’t been music videos—they’re really annoying screen savers.

Not all of the videos spawned from MAYA have been letdowns—the dramatic, allegorical “Born Free” and the glitzy, tongue-in-cheek “XXXO” were as different as can be, but still exuded some creativity—at least they had bigger ideas behind them than just making our heads ache.

As somebody with the access to a bigger budget and more imagination than what we’ve seen in her last few videos, we’re confused why M.I.A. continues to release such rudimentary clips to her songs. Is it a type of performance art? Is she making a statement about music videos and our expectations of an artist? Or is she simply just out of good ideas?

At least M.I.A. is making good on her promise to give her fans a free show after her HARD NY performance didn’t exactly go as planned. “The Brooklyn Bowl!” tweeted the singer. “Confirmed for nyc free show! check ur emailzzzz.”

If you’re willing to give M.I.A.’s live show another go, check those emailzzzz!