UPDATED: Kelis’ “Scream” Video Premieres (Sort Of)

Robbie Daw | September 28, 2010 7:09 am

The video for Kelis’ latest European single “Scream” made its way online after someone employed their trusty iPhone camera and aimed it at their TV screen while the clip was playing. Naughty! The vid intersperses various shots of the Flesh Tone diva wrapped in some OTT fashion ensembles (huge fake eyelashes, lace winged hat, chains) with a recurring image of her in a human body suit, jogging in place. UPDATE: We said we’d swap out with a better quality version of the vid when one popped up, and we have! Check it out below.

Watching this video in such low quality format is kind of a downer, and we’ll be sure to post the clip once it officially premieres online. But for now you get the picture—every shaky, wobbly second of it (complete with volume control popping up halfway through).

Here in the States, we’ll be getting “Brave” as the follow-up single to “4th Of July (Fireworks).”

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