Eminem And Lil Wayne Don’t Get Bullied Around In Their “No Love” Video

Becky Bain | September 30, 2010 5:17 pm

Bullying and school violence are the subjects of the video “No Love”, Eminem’s Recovery collaboration with Lil Wayne. The song samples Haddaway’s dancetastic 1993 club jam, “What Is Love”, and somehow manages to turn it into a melancholy query. A Night At The Roxbury this is not—more like a Schoolday In Hell. Show the two rappers some love and watch their new video after the jump.

Eminem feat. Lil Wayne – “No Love”

“Where the fuck is Kanye when you need him?” raps Eminem. We agree—we think West needs to come in and do some creative management for this video.

“No Love” boasts a less epic video than “Love the Way You Lie“, although we didn’t expect Em to outdo himself so quickly with another vid that packs as much a punch as that one did. Although the subject matter is just as serious as it was in “Lie”, and Em continues to show off a more mature vibe, there’s something a bit off in this one.

The story of the bullied student seeking revenge draws us in, but doesn’t really go anywhere. Is the video trying to explain that this type of school violence happens, and there’s no solution? Or that fighting back solves nothing? Is there even a definitive statement made here?

And did we really need to see footage of Em reading his own raps off a cheat sheet while recording in the studio? It takes the magic away seeing him unable to memorize his own rhymes. Not to mention, with Wayne spitting rhymes for the first two minutes, we even forget this song belongs to Eminem.

Plus, and we know we’re not alone here, can anyone hear “What Is Love” without immediately grooving their head back and forth?

What did you think of Eminem and Wayne’s PSA about school bullying?