Jason Derulo Mirrors Another Pop Artist In His “The Sky’s The Limit” Video

Becky Bain | October 4, 2010 12:54 pm

Jason Derulo looks like he’s trapped in an ice cube in the video for “Sky’s The Limit”, a track off his debut LP. Was the chilly production design (created by a endless amount of mirrors and white lights) inspired by the lyric, “Wish I could freeze you and me in this time”? Or did he steal borrow the concept from watching Scottish singer Alex Gardner’s video for “I’m Not Mad“? Watch below and judge for yourself.

Jason Derulo – “The Sky’s The Limit”

This video might thrill us more if we feel like we hadn’t seen it already — watch Popping Up entrant Alex Gardner’s video for his tune, “I’m Not Mad” (released last February), and you tell us how much of a coincidence it is that Derulo’s video is pretty much a carbon copy of Gardner’s, especially since we know he’s no stranger to lifting ideas from other pop videos.

Not only does the video feel ripped off, the song vaguely sounds like it’s echoing the hook from Irene Cara’s “Flashdance… What A Feeling” for its opening notes.

Jason and J.R. Rotem, we’re onto you. You can only go so far without creating something not spring-boarded from somebody else’s creative output.