Lady Gaga Second On ‘EW’ 50 Most Powerful Entertainers List

Robbie Daw | October 7, 2010 1:50 pm

Lady Gaga has cause to shoot off the firework bra once again this week. In addition to placing seventh on ForbesWorld’s 100 Most Powerful Women list (not to mention fourth on the publication’s Celeb 100 tally earlier this year), the pop songstress/activist has landed at #2 on Entertainment Weekly‘s 50 Most Powerful Entertainers roundup, which appears in the issue hitting newsstands tomorrow. EW chose actor Johnny Depp as the most powerful entertainer, and notes that it based its calculations “on a formula that included both hard, crunchable numbers (box office grosses, TV viewers, albums sold) with less tangible factors, like a star’s influence within their industry or general command of the pop cultural stage.”

MTV News quotes Elton John from Entertainment Weekly‘s new issue, where Sir not only sings Gaga’s praises, but gives a bit of insight regarding the title song off her forthcoming third album Born This Way:

“I’d love to [work with her] in the future. She and I come from exactly the same place. She’s kind of like the bastard daughter of Elton John. I love her, and I love her ability to write. There’s a chance I might do one track with her, but she’s so busy and I’m so busy, we can never get together! But her record — it’s fucking amazing. ‘Born This Way,’ which is the title song, will completely get rid of Gloria Gaynor’s ‘I Will Survive.’ This is the new ‘I Will Survive.’ That was the gay anthem. This is the new gay anthem. Actually, it’s not a gay anthem — it can apply to anybody.”

Other figures from the pop music world that make the grade: former American Idol judge Simon Cowell (#4), Willow Smith‘s dad Will (#5), former American Idol judge Ellen DeGeneres (#8) and comeback king Eminem (#10).

As for former American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, well, maybe she landed somewhere between #11 and #50?

The Top 10 Of Entertainment Weekly‘s 50 Most Powerful Entertainers List: 1. Johnny Depp 2. Lady Gaga 3. Oprah Winfrey 4. Simon Cowell 5. Will Smith 6. Robert Downey Jr. 7. Sandra Bullock 8. Ellen DeGeneres 9. Leonardo DiCaprio 10. Eminem