Watch Eminem’s Profile On ’60 Minutes’

Robbie Daw | October 11, 2010 7:17 am

Tracksuit-loving rapper Eminem’s profile on 60 Minutes aired last night, and the piece covered, as interviewer Anderson Cooper commented, “how a white kid who never made it past the 9th grade was able to propel himself to the top of a predominantly African American art form.” Cooper and Em met up in Detroit for the one-one. Watch below.

Eminem goes through his past of getting beat up in school a lot “for the most part, man, just for being the new kid.” The profile then goes into Marshall Mathers dropping out of high school and often being the only white guy taking part in local Detroit rap battles.

“There was certainly a rebellious youthful rage in me,” he says. “And there was also the fact of—you know, the no-getting-away-from fact that I am white, you know, and this is predominantly black music, and people telling me, you don’t belong, you’re not gonna succeed because you’re this color.”

Portions of the interview went down in Em’s private recording studio, while other parts had the rapper hitting up the local Burger King he used to hang out at and the restaurant he once worked at.

He also showed Cooper a box filled with hundreds of pieces of paper containing scribbled words, or “stacking ammo.” At one point it looked like Eminem was about to recite lines off a certain sheet, but he put it back in the box and said, “I might use that, actually.”

Anderson asked the Grammy winner about his sometimes violent lyrics that have found him branded both a misogynist and a homophobe—particularly for his use of the word “faggot.”

“The scene that I came up in, that word was thrown around so much,” Eminem explained. “‘Faggot’, it was constantly thrown around constantly to each other in battling.” Cooper then asked Em if he has a problem with gay people. “No—I don’t have any problem with nobody,” Mathers said. “I’m just whatever.”

Eminem added it’s not his responsibility to worry about kids or young fans picking up on the questionable language he uses in his rhymes. “I feel like it’s [parents’] job to parent them,” he notes. “If you’re a parent, be a parent.”

What did you think of Em’s profile on 60 Minutes? Did you learn anything you didn’t know about the #1 artist of the last decade?

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