Title, Poster For Justin Bieber’s 3-D Movie ‘Never Say Never’ Revealed

Robbie Daw | October 15, 2010 7:06 am

Tweens will finally have their Citizen Kane (or, at the very least, their Spice World) when stylish crooner Justin Bieber’s 3-D movie hits screens on February 11, 2011. USA Today unveiled the poster for the film, both online and as a pin-up on the back of the print edition of today’s paper. (You can view it here by clicking the “More” tab below.) And now we finally know the title of the Biebz’s epic: Never Say Never. “It’s from one of his songs, but also the idea of every moment in his life,” director Jon Chu said of the inspirational title to USA Today, referring to Justin’s Karate Kid single “Never Say Never” (which also featured Jaden Smith—i.e. Willow‘s brother, kiddies!).

The poster was slowly revealed over the past two days on Twitter, piece by piece, with Chu throwing out the first glimpse. The director continued, “When he was a kid, some people said, ‘You can’t play the drums,’ and he did. Or, ‘You can post it on the Internet, but no one will see it.’ Then millions of people saw it. ‘OK, you’re a YouTube star, but you’re not signed anywhere …’ ”

We get the picture. Bieb did get signed, went on to put out two albums, win a MTV VMA and release a book. And early next year, we’ll learn to never say never to the Canadian singing sensation again. Because not only does the movie detail Bieber’s hectic life in the music biz, it also touches on his romantic endeavors. “He still has crushes,” Chu told USA Today.

Really? We never would have guessed.