Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad And The DeWyze In This Week’s Reader Comments

Becky Bain | October 15, 2010 5:00 pm

This week, Lee DeWyze, Ke$ha and Nicole Scherzinger dropped new singles, Rihanna frolicked in her girly new video, and it was David Archuleta vs. Goliath Lavigne when we asked who delivered the best cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Little did we expect a mass riot to explode in our comments section! Did your comment make the cut? Jump below for all the best sassy and trashy remarks from the past week!

:: There was a huge war of the die hards in our “Imagine” cover poll, with Avril Lavigne and David Archuleta’s legions of fans leaving Gaga, Elton John, Madonna and Christina in the dust. But commenter Karen, who plays for Team Archuleta, kept calm while stating her vote. “Avril’s version is really nice, definitely better than any except David’s. I just am loving the passion he brings to the song. You feel like David really means it and is not just singing pretty words and melody. It’s especially impressive when you remember that he’s just barely turned 17 years old here. Way to bring it, David!” Bring it he did — he won with over 50% of the vote!

:: Rita is a big Lee DeWyze fan, but wasn’t so fond of his debut single, “Sweet Serendipity.” “This is exactly what’s wrong with today’s world. Everyone tries playing it safe. While it is a cute song, it’s not LEE, it is not what LEE is all about. I am very sad, that’s exactly what I was afraid of when a major label takes a unique artist like LEE and makes him sound just like everybody else because they wanna play it safe. I hope other tracks on that album have more character. I am extremely disappointed.”

:: Mel was getting a migraine listening to Lee’s single. “It’s not what I expected. It kind of gives me a headache. LOL which probably means it’ll be a huge hit.”

:: ZMH shared her opinion of Lee’s song more succinctly: “Are we still in 2004?”

:: ZMH, however, had more positive feelings to Nicole Scherzinger’s new song, “Poison“. “This is a great song…but if nicole + several hot dancers doesn’t work out that well, what makes people think she can make it solo?”

:: Janicep was proud of Toby Keith hitting #1 on the Billboard 200. “Toby Keith worked hard as a musician to get to #1. Glad to see he beat out Kenny Chesney. If more people would listen to his music and not just label him as a rebel or a ‘country singer’, they would realize that he’s got a fabulous voice, clever lyrics, and kick ass guitar players in his band.”

:: Dani was confused by the American Music Award nominations. “How is Eminem Pop and how is Rihanna’s music Soul/ R&B.. ? I love Rihanna but her music is not R&B. Why have different categories if your going to nominate the same people in each one?” Good point!

:: Ke$ha’s new same-old, same-old single “We R Who We R” didn’t impress Lisa enough to adopt it as her pride anthem. “Oh. My. Gosh. She wrote this as an anthem to help end bullying? Yeah, that’s not what I got out of the song at all. Basically I heard ‘blah blah blah DJ blah partying blah I’m sexy blah I’m drunk blah blah lame generic dance beat blah.’” We heard something similar, Lisa. At least we did before we stuck candle wax into our ears.

:: We guess Mary isn’t dressing up as Lady Gaga for Halloween (“Lady Gaga Halloween Costume: A How-To Guide“): “That Lollapalooza photo reminds me of a Breugal painting. You know, the one depicting the painter’s vision of hell.”

:: Jesse isn’t exactly sure why he wasn’t into Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In The World)” video, but it had something to do with a homosexual appendage, or something: “Hmm it was alright…there was something that was off about it, i just cant put my gay finger on it. Either way have you guys noticed that this the first time shes really smiling and having fun. Shes always serious and sexy in all her videos.”

:: COMMENT OF THE WEEK: Reacting to Flo Rida sampling yet another song from the 80s (“Flo Rida Gets Inspired By Ferris Bueller On New Track ‘Turn Around (5, 4, 3, 2, 1)’“), John sees into the hip-hop artist’s not-so-distant future: “He’s rolling down the 80s-sample mountain so fast that he’ll be covering ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ by 2011.”

Thanks for contributing your thoughts and witticisms all week long, folks!