Review Revue: Critics React To Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” Music Video

Erika Brooks Adickman | October 19, 2010 9:53 am

Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” video arrived yesterday after much anticipation (and even a Sesame Street mash-up). We were curious to know what the Internet thought of the much-hyped, dance-tastic, hair splatter paint vid (complete with heart-shaped mohawk). Head below to see if critics — and tweeting pop stars — were ready to invest in some precautionary neck braces.

willow 2
Entertainment Weekly‘s Music Mix shared the concerns we’re sure many had prior to watching “Whip My Hair”: “I confess I was inclined at first to dismiss her quick rise as the worst kind of showbiz nepotism, and the pop stage as an entirely inappropriate and overly sexualized place for one so young…But this clip is about to put a boom in the chiropractic industry (with possible ancillary benefits for house paint), because girl can snap it.”

::PopEater agreed, “The ‘Whip My Hair’ video is here, and Willow Smith has transcended from Jada and Will Smith’s 9-year-old kiddo to a legitimate star. Seriously — the video stacks up to the incredibly catchy, Rihanna-sounding song…”

willow 3
:: While some may debate EvilBeet‘s stance, “Willow Smith has officially made the coolest music video I’ve seen since ‘Telephone,'” we have to agree with their viewpoint that “…This girl is nine years old. We should all be scared.” Seriously! Are we even prepared for what a 12-year-old Willow is capable of?

:: New York Daily News may have summed it up best by saying, “Now this is hairography.”

:: Keri Hilson cooed via Twitter, “OMG Willow’s video is sooooooo cute!!!…I just wanna pinch her cheeks! She’s a star!”

:: Justin Bieber helped spread the word on Twitter for his new “sibling”, “heard my lil sis Willow Smith video is coming out tonight. its CRAZY!! keep a look out for it .”

willow smith 4
:: We think just about anyone who’s seen “Whip My Hair” can relate to Sky Ferreira’s tweet,”having a comedown from the high I just got from watching Willow Smith’s video #whipmyhair”

:: And finally, Jordin Sparks lent her support, “I love @officialwillow’s new music video for #whipmyhair. I love the song too! Get it girl! :)”