Ciara And Usher “Turn It Up” On New ‘Basic Instinct’ Track

Ciara and Usher combined their R&B/dance/pop powers to record — what else? — a glossy dance track. Quelle surprise! We’re actually used to hearing heavier bass tracks from the hyper-diligent fashionista, but this possibly unfinished track indicates that she’ll provide some lighter moments on her  oft-delayed Basic Instinct. (Now set to drop December 14… if we’re lucky.) Listen to “Turn It Up (Pucker Up)” below.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Ciara feat. Usher – Turn It Up (Pucker Up)” dl=”0″] “I love it loud, can you turn it up?” asks Ciara as Usher provides an inoffensive, booty-adoring verse and some backing vocals on the chorus. We’re less than impressed by this fairly predictable club banger, especially compared to the other Basic Instinct tracks we’ve heard thus far.

Gimme Dat” is Ciara’s current single for a reason. But you can bet if Ciara and Usher ever perform this song together on TV, the performance will be heavy on the dancing, light on the live singing.

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