Pet Shop Boys Vow To Go All The Way On New Single “Together”

Robbie Daw | October 22, 2010 8:27 am

Devotion. Desperation. Hints of religion, death and love unhinged. Handcuffs on the cover art. Welcome to the new Pet Shop Boys single! Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe recorded “Together” with producer Tim Powell (formerly of Xenomania) for their upcoming hits compilation Ultimate, and the song premiered today on UK radio. Hear the latest from the maestros of electro-pop below. Fans of the Boys will note that “Together” resembles their 2006 Richard X-produced track “Fugitive,” with its unity-at-any-cost lyrical content and energetic-yet-dark instrumentation.

“Together I’ll cry with you, together I’ll die with you, together we’ll go all the way,” Tennant sings on the chorus as the tune becomes enveloped in a mesmerizing swirl of synths.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Pet Shop Boys – Together” dl=”0″] Hats off to Neil and Chris, for they never fail to make us think while they serve up their reliable brand of below-the-surface dance music. We don’t know whether to celebrate the love affair presented in this jam or stage an intervention! (Particularly creepy lyric: “Everything’s easy in this state of mind, the world starts to fade as we leave it behind.”)

The release of new PSB single “Together” began rolling out today on iTunes in Europe and Australia (it hits the UK store on October 24). It was noted on the duo’s official site that a U.S. release for the 19-track Ultimate is coming at some point in the new year via Capitol.

How do you think “Together” stacks up against some of the classic tunes from Pet Shop Boys?