Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The ‘Glee’ In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | October 22, 2010 5:35 pm

This week felt like the calm before the storm, as Taylor Swift released one last promo single ahead of her Speak Now album. But she wasn’t the only one who served up new material! M.I.A. and Pet Shop Boys premiered new tunes, while Robyn unveiled her forthcoming LP’s cover. Meanwhile, the Glee gang got scandalous with new photos for GQ whileKaty Perry and Adam Lambert performed on The X Factor in two different countries. See how our readers reacted to all this pop bustle below! :: Joshua thought Katy Perry Sets Off Her “Firework” On The X Factor was a dud: “Everyone knows she can’t sing live, so why they chose Firework as the next single is beyond me. I was hoping they wouldn’t choose it because it’s actually one my favorite songs off of the album but I knew she would butcher it when it came to live performances.”

:: Jessey wondered what the big deal was on M.I.A. Performs At Scream Awards, Drops New Song, Continues Acting Crazy: “Whats the big deal about the way she looks? Its heralded when Katy Perry comes out with a blue wig and cupcake boobs, and when Lady Gaga dresses up in a LOBSTER DRESS….A LOBSTER DRESS!!! Where has the t-shirt and blue jeans days gone?!”

:: Gale, on the other hand, thought the British songstress was totally ridic: “People were actually clapping and cheering for this! Omg! Her outfit was laughable, as was her performance, incoherent babble! If this is the future of music, I want no part of it. All I could do was laugh at her. If that’s what she’s going for, it worked!”

:: MomTerryLady has nothing but praise for The Glam One on Adam Lambert Throws Some Glitter Down Under On The X Factor: “As I watched Adam being announced, I was covered with mega goosebumps!!!! And Adam has come such a long way! I’m so proud of him as I have been following him and his career since his audition on American Idol. I knew he was special the first time I saw him and he opened his mouth to sing!!!”

:: gokusgirl2529 reflected on Review Revue: Critics React To Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” Video: “i dont know why i watch this video all the time.”

:: Littlejo though someone needed detention on Glee Gets Naughty For GQ: “GQ and the photographer totally took advantage of the age of the girls. they are pornographic and disgusting. Why isn’t Cory in suggestive, half-naked images if this isn’t sexist and derogatory? No respectable actress that I can think of would pose like that. Shame on you GQ.”

:: ZMH was feeling incomplete on Robyn Reveals Body Talk Pt. 3 Tracklist And Album Cover: “I’m a little bit shocked ‘cry when you get older’ and ‘include me out’ didn’t make the cut.”

:: Devin saw lots of opportunities to comment on Pet Shop Boys Vow To Go All The Way On New Single “Together”: “good track but Love etc. was better i think.”

:: Twistup spoke now on Taylor Swift’s New Track “Mean” Could Just As Well Me An ‘It Gets Better’ Anthem: “I couldn’t help but tap my toes to this delish song. The song is excellently written. Didja check the lyric about people mean people saying ‘I can’t sing’? Beautiful and ironic! I predict this one is going to be a BIG HIT.”