Nelly Furtado Shows “Time Stand Still” With A Rush Cover

Idolator Staff | October 24, 2010 3:01 pm

Break out the maple syrup and leave your doors unlocked! Fresh from getting wet and wild in her “Fuerte” video, Canadian Nelly Furtado has released an unusual reminder of her home country: she’s recorded her own rendition of “Time Stand Still”, the 80s classic by Canadian prog-rock pioneers Rush. Released as part of the soundtrack to new film Score: A Hockey Musical, it’s a neat left turn by an artist who continues to surprise us. Take a listen to the 80s throwback here.

Furtado (who sang the song live at last month’sRavinia Festival) has been rather prolific in the last few weeks, leading up to the release of her greatest hits album next month.In addition to her new single “Night Is Young”, and a stirring acoustic set at the Walmart Soundcheck event, Furtado acts in the hockey musical in addition to her contribution to the soundtrack.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Nelly Furtado – Time Stand Still” dl=”0″] Appropriately, the song is about as 80s as can be, thanks to plenty of cheesy synth and Furtado’s breathy delivery of the vocals. We can’t help but notice that our neighbors to the north have been awfully busy lately — witness the success of Justin Bieber and Drake, to name a couple. Are they taking over the world or what? Now Furtado has taken it one step further by covering a Canuck song for a Canadian movie. This is quite possibly the most Mountie musical feat since Robin Sparkles rocked our bodies ‘til Canada Day.

[Via Popjustice]