Antoine Dodson’s Sex Offender Tracker App Commercial, Bed Intruders Beware!

Erika Brooks Adickman | October 25, 2010 11:10 am

Could there be a better spokesperson for the Sex Offender Tracker mobile app than “Bed Intruder” crusader himself, Antoine Dodson? The new app uses augmented reality to accurately identify if anyone in your vicinity is a registered sex offender. We’re not sure we understand what AR is, but the Billboard Hot 100 charter explains, “IT’S A TECHNOLOGY!” Dodson demonstrates that it can be used in the hood, park, at your grandma’s house, on a plane or even in the rain—but to really get the full effect jump below at watch the LOL-worthy ad.

We love that Antoine is using his Internet fame for good, but we was it really necessary for the makers of the Sex Offender Tracker app to tie a red banana to the prop iPhone for the tag of this commercial?

We also had to wonder if this app was already in production prior to the release of the original news interview with Dodson. We’d hate to think that a company rolled out an app for a very serious issue just because of a viral Internet video.  We also wonder if due to the humorous tone of the commercial, if some will download the app just to goof around–by, let’s say, pointing it at their friends to test out the Augmented Reality technology.

What do you think? Has Antoine sold you on the Sex Offender Tracker app?