Robyn’s Water Jacket Proves She’s Not So “Indestructible” In Her New Video

Robbie Daw | October 28, 2010 7:26 am

With the release of Robyn’s final (and full) Body Talk album still a month away, MySpace has thrown us a bone today by premiering the music video for the magnetic Swede‘s latest single “Indestructible.” And while the clip starts out on a hot-and-heavy note, it quickly evolves into what could just as well be a safe sex PSA. Watch after the jump! At the beginning of the vid, a young couple are getting their heavy petting on in the sack. Soon we see Robyn appear. She’s decked out in a water jacket that has clear liquid flowing through it.

But as the clip moves ahead and the young woman in it begins switching up her sex partners, the water in the tubes wrapped around Robyn begins to change colors. Ultimately, our cool-as-ice pop queen is left standing in the end with an ominous black liquid flowing all around her.

It kind of looks like a scene from The X-Files. Except there’s no awesome villains like the Alien Bounty Hunter or Alex Krycek. Just Robyn with sad face.

This is hardcore, indeed. Body Talk is due out November 29.