Rihanna Steals The Spotlight On ‘Saturday Night Live’ With Shy Ronnie

Idolator Staff | October 31, 2010 12:27 pm

Last time Rihanna dropped by 30 Rockefeller Plaza, the results were both hilarious and award-worthy – her SNL Digital Short with Andy Samberg, which featured RiRi impatiently requesting that Shy Ronnie “speak up” during his whispered rap, was nominated for an Emmy. This Halloween weekend, RiRi also managed to scare up two killer renditions of singles from her upcoming album, Loud, in addition to more shenanigans with the low-talking Ronnie. Check out Rihanna’s Saturday Night Live appearance below, and tell us whether it’s just as Emmy-worthy the second time around.

For her first number as musical guest, the Marie Clare cover girl brought the house down wearing fire engine red to match her fierce scarlet locks. Rihanna’s live version of “Only Girl (In The World)” was similarly red hot, taking the single’s clubbiness down a notch for an edgier, rock-ier version that actually suits the song even better.

Next up, the photogenic diva delivered a sleek, Drake-less rendition of “What’s My Name,” clad in the bright colors (reminiscent of her island roots) that are the antithesis of last year’s dark, Rated R moodiness. Most importantly, RiRi seemed to be having a good time performing both songs, giving off an infectiously cheerful vibe that should prove once and for all her gloomy days are behind her.

But lest we think Rihanna’s bad girl has gone a little too good, her black-clad, tommy gun-toting appearance in the sequel to her first SNL Digital Short provided a little something for everyone. It’s not uncommon to hear a pop star request we “put our hands up” – but usually, it’s not because they’re robbing everybody. The pop star played Clyde to Shy Ronnie’s Bonnie in this hysterical retread of the gags from the first video, in which the unlikely pair holds up a bank and, just like in the original, Ronnie’s bashful nature ensures all does not go according to plan. Best of all, fans who have been waiting to hear Rihanna utter the words “boner alert!” can now die happy.