Mariah Carey Brings Holiday Cheer To ‘Lopez Tonight’

Robbie Daw | November 3, 2010 8:43 am

After her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday, Mariah Carey hit up Lopez Tonight to talk about her new LP Merry Christmas II You and, of course, the baby she and husband Nick Cannon have on the way. In a cute segment, show host George Lopez recorded a legacy video for MC’s unborn kid, saying, “Soon you’ll be saying your first words—Mama, Dada, Gucci Gucci, Louboutin.” Watch below! Classiest thing George says to Mimi’s baby-to-be: “Thankfully your parents didn’t give you a crazy Hollywood name like T-Shirt, because then you would be called T-Shirt Cannon.”

Later he puts a fake ultrasound on the screen showing that Mariah’s baby is already taking on the role of a diva—there’s also an assistant baby in the womb, following Mimi’s spawn around with a clipboard.