Natasha Bedingfield Shows Her True Colors In Her Uplifting “Strip Me” Video

Robbie Daw | November 4, 2010 8:42 am

Natasha Bedingfield may only be one voice in a million. But as her “Strip Me” video shows, no one’s taking that away from her. The single is from Nat’s upcoming same-titled third LP (due out December 7), and also features prominently in the trailer for upcoming Rachel McAdams movie Morning Glory. So let’s head below and watch the official music video, shall we? Natasha appears to be going through an identity crisis in the clip, as various bodiless hands reach out and dress her in a variety of fancy outfits. But, fear not—she assures us in the song’s lyrics, “If you strip it all away, I’ll be alright!”

At one point in the vid Bedingfield is prancing around in the tribal makeup and feathers that she’s also wearing on her Strip Me album cover. Maybe, as the blog Album Art Exchange points out, she’s paying homage to Adam Ant. Or perhaps she simply went out at Halloween dressed as Ke$ha and liked the outfit so much she kept it on for several days.

Either way, below is the video for “Strip Me.” Dig the scene where Natasha starts rolling around in paint. And then go check out our gallery of pics from Brian Kennedy Project’s L.A. performance the other night, where Bedingfield came on stage as a surprise guest.

P.S. Is anyone else getting a slight Jordin Sparks “Battlefield” vibe from this song?