Pharrell Rolls On With “Hoppin’ Over Fences”

Idolator Staff | November 6, 2010 10:45 am

Don’t be alarmed if N.E.R.D’s most prolific member lands in your yard — since Nothing is now finished and in stores, Pharrell is free to return to his favorite pastime outside the studio: skateboarding. And he has a brand-new solo track to accompany his sidewalk adventures: “Hoppin’ Over Fences” is from the soundtrack to Street Dreams, a skateboarding flick by MTV star Rob Dyrdek. In case you missed it in the movie, you can now listen to the full track from Skateboard P here.

The future country star says he was drawn to the project because of the similarities between hip hop and skateboarding — both major parts of youth culture, both born on the streets. This, he says, is skateboarding hitting the silver screen “for the first time for skaters, by a skater.” The “hopping over fences” reference is in regards to another connection party person Pharrell drew between hip hop and skateboarding — namely, the occasional need to flee from the cops.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Pharrell – Hoppin’ Over Fences” dl=”0″] The track itself is a little repetitive — is this what N.E.R.D. used to hypnotize those girls in their video?  However, it does capture the grungy street vibe of skateboarding admirably. Best of all, you should have no trouble remembering the lyrics — literally, the only words to this song are contained in the title!