Keri Hilson And Rick Ross Rave Over “The Way You Love Me” In Explicit Detail

Idolator Staff | November 8, 2010 10:21 am

Her sophomore album may be titled No Boys Allowed, but Keri Hilson is clearly okay with letting members of the opposite sex into at least one room of her clubhouse. “So good I’ll make you think the bed is my workplace,” Keri grunts in her latest, Polow Da Don-produced single “The Way You Love Me” (obviously not targeting the feminist demographic here). And in case you were wondering: “love” does not equate a box of chocolates and a foot rub in Ms. Hilson’s book. Listen to the filthy little number here.

“The Way You Love Me” is pretty much the definition of down-and-dirty, adequately conveying a sexual energy perfect for, shall we say, a “particular” type of dancing. Unlike Keri’s smoother recent offerings like “Breaking Point”, and “Pretty Girl Rock”, the vocals here are rough, at times even a little hoarse. Often Miss Keri’s delivery sounds less like it was recorded during the throes of passion and more like someone just cut her off on the freeway, but no judgement. It works.

There’s a clappy “Single Ladies” beat in the background (most noticeable toward the end), though unlike Beyonce, Keri seems in no hurry to walk down the aisle with her paramour from this song.

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Keri Hilson f/ Rick Ross – The Way You Love Me” dl=”0″] While it isn’t a likely candidate for major airplay on mainstream radio, the raunchy track might very well find a suitable home sometime around last call at the clubs, or wherever inhibitions have been significantly lowered.