Dr. Dre Reunites With Eminem For “I Need A Doctor”

Idolator Staff | November 17, 2010 12:12 pm

Just a day after Dr. Dre affirmed his planned return with the punchy “Kush”, the iconic producer (aka Andre Young) is back with a new jam — and an old friend. The good doctor is joined by his sorta-popular protege Eminem for the scathing “I Need A Doctor”, a glitchy but incendiary track in which Em takes Dre to task for wallowing in self-doubt and ultimately short-changing his career. Is the doctor ready for a check-up? Listen below. This might sting a bit…

[wpaudio url=”//static.idolator.com/uploads/2010/11/i-need-a-doctor-dr-dre.mp3″ text=”Dr. Dre f/ Eminem & Skylar Grey – I Need A Doctor” dl=”0″] Eminem pulls no punches in an extended verse that feels edged with honest disappointment, wrapped in a “Not Afraid”-style pep talk. “Seems like your own opinion is not one you can form / Can’t make a decision / You keep questioning yourself, second guessing, it’s almost like you’re begging for my help / Like I’m your leader, you’re supposed to be my mentor / I can endure no more / Don’t you remember who you are?” Um, ouch.

Dre, sounding a little disappointed himself, laments the “backstabbers” who abandoned him in recent years as he wrestled not only with completing his Detox album but the 2008 death of his son. Ultimately, Dre says, critics who have joked about his long absence will be the ones left in turmoil once he drops Detox, which he has said will be his final album:  “One more CD / then I’m packing up my bags / And as I’m leaving I guarantee / They’ll scream ‘Dre don’t leave us like that, man’

If the track recalls Em’s smash “Love The Way You Lie”, there’s a good reason — both were produced by hot newcomer Alex Da Kid. There’s some chatter that this track may be destined for a re-release of Eminem’s Recovery, though it might work well as a sort of explanation for Detox. Then again, perhaps the only answer Dre owes anyone at this point is another hot track.