Kris Allen Wins (Again) With Homespun “Alright With Me” Video

Idolator Staff | November 20, 2010 3:41 pm

Kris Allen bested the flashier Adam Lambert on American Idol largely with his wholesome, boy-next-door appeal, but the guyliner-free champ’s previous videos have styled him up in glossy productions that detract from his relaxed, no-frills image. Now, with his new video “Alright With Me,” it feels like we’re getting back to basics, as the “Truth”-ful star takes us behind the scenes with him in the recording studio, on tour, interacting with fans, and hanging out with his musician buddies. Head below to take a peek.

Even the bitterest Glambert fans will have a hard time not warming up to Idol’s least-excitable winner here, who comes off as carefree and fun-loving as he goofs off for the camera. He’s clearly not taking himself too seriously. The vid’s handmade quality doesn’t feel low-rent in the slightest, instead giving us the impression that we’re right there on tour with the charming crooner. This, perhaps, is the first time we’re able to see Allen as a musician in his own right, apart from all the Idol hoopla.

The single itself is a catchy, upbeat tune, that, like the video, succeeds in its simplicity and lack of ambition. This may or may not be the official video for the track, but it definitely should be. It’s hard to imagine any art direction or staged concert that would equally capture the infectious spirit of this song and its performer. Unlike most music videos with higher production value, we get the distinct sense that Allen & Co. are truly having fun here — and that’s more than alright with us.