Justin Bieber Does His Best “Charlie Bit My Finger” Impression

Robbie Daw | November 23, 2010 9:49 am

You may recall those videos of Justin Bieber sitting down for the UK Make Mine Milk campaign a few months back. The organization has now released a behind-the-scenes interview featuring the Never Say Never star answering a few random questions. (What’s you favorite milk shake flavor? Who would he want to share a shake with?) And then for some odd reason he starts doing an impression of the viral video hit “Charlie Bit My Finger” from a few years back. Watch below. First, to refresh your memory, the original “Charlie Bit My Finger” vid from 2007, which now has over 251 million hits on YouTube:

Clearly feeling energized after re-enacting “David After Dentist” earlier this year for Funny Or Die,  Biebz did a take on “Charlie Bit My Finger”:

Hey, Bieber, for your next trick can you cover of “Bed Intruder Song”?