Kanye West Rants About Taylor Swift, George Bush At Bowery Ballroom Gig

Robbie Daw | November 24, 2010 9:43 am

Looks like humble pie is not on Kanye West’s menu this Thanksgiving. Last night the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy rapper performed a secret gig at New York’s Bowery Ballroom. MTV News reports that ‘Ye took to the stage shortly after midnight, with both singer Teyana Taylor and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon in tow. But perhaps it’s his lengthy, boastful rant during the set—which ranged from album sales and George Bush to Taylor Swift and Matt Lauer—that will wind up getting the most attention. Watch below. Kanye started his lengthy speech off by stating, “I always felt like I could do anything. But now I feel so fearless.” And maybe it was that burst of confidence that caused him to dredge up the whole 2009 MTV VMAs Taylor Swift debacle yet again.

Below are some of the topics West touched on:

On My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album sales this week: “To come back and do 100,000 on the first day, digital alone… to do 600,000 in the first week… and I don’t talk about the numbers. But what that number says is that people want me to keep making music.”

On Taylor Swift: “When you do things like what happened last year, it’s disrespectful to everyone that’s creative. It’s a smack in the face to everyone who tries to do something real. If I wasn’t drunk I would have been on stage longer! Am I the only one that’s not crazy here? Are you fucking kidding me?”

On George Bush: “Everybody wants to use people and villanize people—even if you take the concept of George Bush, there is no leader in history that has been villanized in that way and didn’t get killed at war or commit suicide. So any man that lives through it deserves one moment of redemption. Any man. Because at the end of the day… none are without flaw.”

On Matt Lauer: “I’m not here to talk in no motherfucking interviews, nobody asking me no stupid ass questions… Matt Lauer’s not a bad guy, I’m sure. But if you are a child that is being abused by your parent or you’re a girl being abused by your boyfriend, the greatest win that you can ever have is for that person to hit you in public. ‘You see? You see? I told you!'”

Oh, yeah—Kanye also did some music last night, too.

“Lost In This World”


“Can’t Tell Me Nothing”

“Hell Of A Life”