Keri Hilson Thrusts Her Way Through Her Video For “The Way You Love Me”

Becky Bain | November 29, 2010 11:17 am

We got all revved up for the potential badassery that we assumed would take place in Keri Hilson’s video for her raunchy, NSFW track “The Way You Love Me“, as the vid’s prologue features Keri and a foxy team of powerful ladies (made up of JoJo, Faith Evans and Dawn from Dirty Money) about to embark on a dangerous mission… which turns out to be gyrating for about five minutes straight. Mission accomplished, we guess. Usher the little ones out of the room and watch Miss Keri Baby hump pretty much everything in sight after the jump.

Keri Hilson – “The Way You Love Me”

The non-ass-shakin’ plot resurfaces near the end of the video, with Hilson pulling a gun on Columbus Short and Polow Da Don, (who produced this lusty number). The stilted dialogue and Keri’s delivery makes the scene come off like the beginning of a porn movie, and unsurprisingly, the scene ends much like a porn movie, too, with Keri handcuffing herself to the bad guy and leading him upstairs.

Is it sexy? We don’t know – we’re too busy flinching at Keri licking the most-likely dusty bank vault door for no apparent reason:


Keri’s sophomore album No Boys Allowed drops December 21, and if this clip is any indication, that album title is a bit of a misnomer.