Ke$ha Is Shameless In Her “We R Who We R” Video (And So Is The Product Placement)

Becky Bain | December 1, 2010 5:42 pm

Ke$ha’s new video for her chart-topping single, “We R Who We R” reaches Diddy levels of product placement, handing over massive amounts of screentime to a variety of products. The biggest product, of course, being Ke$ha herself. Swig back some Jack, throw some roadkill on your head and join the glitter street party below!

Ke$ha — “We R Who We R”

As for the “plot” of the video (a term we use so loosely we probably should have just written a new word), Ke$ha roams the streets with her crew, swan dives off a building and miraculously gets saved by a bunch of party people pleased as spiked punch to pick up a crowd surfer.

As for the products on display in the clip, it looks like Ke$ha is cheating on her beloved Jack Daniels:

Picture 6
We’re also treated to stare longingly at one of K$’s brand of Casio Baby-G watches:

And it’s our dear friend, dating site, which seems to have the market cornered on music videos. (Lady Gaga, Jason Derulo and 3OH!3 have all featured the site in their vids.) C’mon, eHarmony and OK Cupid, don’t you have any money to spend for some product placement in say, a Maroon 5 vid?

And finally, this shot must be promoting a new bra made of glass shards sold at Victoria’s Secret, no?

What do you think of Ke$ha’s new video? Does it make you want to purchase any of the above products? And seriously, have you ever met anybody who uses to meet people online? We need to know if appearing in a string of pop music videos has had any affect on their membership.